【September 16(Sat)~17(Sun)】 Trial Package Tour for non-Japanese 「NIKKO KURIYAMA HIKYO EXPERIENCE 2017」


Trial package tour “NIKKO KURIYAMA HIKYO EXPERIENCE!!” will be held in Kuriyama Nikko city in Tochigi  for non-Japanese people. Please join us and enjoy this trip to your hearts content.

(Click here for last year’s detail.)→NIKKO KURIYAMA HIKYO EXPERIENCE 2016


Participation fee is only 9,800yen per person. Let’s experience HIKYO(unexplored) region such as Hunter’s story,  delicious mountain food, Hot spring(onsen), Japanese traditional entertainments, precious mountain nature, trip to Soba(buckwheat) harvest, and more more.

1. Event Details

The unexplored region “Kuriyama Village”,  also called “The last unexplored region in kanto” is very fascinating. You can experience many unique things from this village.


Tour Date

September 16(Sat)~17(Sun), 2017

Application Deadline

September 6(Wed) 5:00pm, 2017

Who can Paticipate

Non-Japanese people (Junior high school age and older)

Participation Fee

9,800yen / Participation Fee covers Accommodation fee,Lunch,Bus fare.

Number of Participants

17 people  first come first served.

We’ll hold it even if the participant is one person.


Please wear comfortable clothes on the day.

What to Bring

Spare Clothes,towel,Rain gear and if you have rain boots.

Meeting Place

JR(Japanese Railway) Imaichi Station(9:00am) or Tobu Line Kinugawaonsen Station(9:30am)

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Trip planner & booking

Travel agency registered with a Tochigi governor NO. 3-675

Yunosato Kanko Travel agency

478-1 Nishikawa, Nikko city, Tochigi, Japan

TEL: 090-9797-3163

All Nippon Travel agents association regular member

The national examination for certified general travel service supervisor: Takeshi Masuda


2. What are the attractions in “HIKYO EXPERIENCE”?


※The itinerary and time schedule are subject to change depending on the weather and traffic conditions.

※Although there isn’t a tour conductor in this tour, there are local guides.

first day

9:00  ★JR(Japanese Railway) Imaichi Station Departure (Meeting Place①)

9:30  ★Tobu Line Kinugawaonsen Station Departure (Meeting Place②)

★Hikyo’s hunters will talk to you about hunting.

★Lunch at Yamamichi  (Deer Cut Steaks)

★Bus ride and cruising at Yunishigawa road side station.

★Check in at Japanese Style Inn “Yunishigawakan honkan”

(Hot Spring, Dinner, listening to Japanese fairy tails,
Watching traditional dance with Kimono and trying on Kimono experience)

※Depending on the number of the participants, you may stay shared room separated by males & females

second day

8:30  ★“Yunishigawakan honkan” Departure

★Experience the nature of Dorobu

★Lunch at Dorobukkuru. (BBQ&Soba noodle)

★Trip to Soba(buckwheat) harvest.
※This experience may change depending on situations. In that case, you’ll experience making Deer leather craft.

16:30  ★Tobu Line kinugawaonsen Station Arrival (Tour Ends①)

17:00  ★JR(Japanese Railway) Imaichi Station Arrival(Tour Ends②)


3. We’ll use photos to show what the attractions are.

Hunter’s talk

How&why do they hunt animals? Professional Hunters talk to you about it. 

Deer cut steaks (venison)

Let’s eat deer cut steaks (venison) after listening to hunter’s talks.

Bus ride and cruising

You can enjoy bus ride and cruising. Let’s get on the amphibious vehicle! 


Japanese traditional entertainments

You can enjoy Kitukemai(watch a dancing with Kimono), Kataribe(Listen to Japanese old tales) and you can also try Kimono on.


Yunishigawa onsen

When it comes to Kuriyama village, It’s famous hot spring’s(onsen).



BBQ with fresh vegetables that are harvested in Kuriyama.

Kuriyama’s Soba noodle.


Trip to Soba(buckwheat) harvest

You can experience how to make Soba after eating Soba.

Notice: this experience may change depending on situations. In that case, you’ll experience making Deer leather craft.

4. How to apply

  1. Please write down your information on this web page.
    URL: michinoeki-yunishigawa.jp/tourevent/
  2. We’ll tell you the details of the payee’s account number for the money transfer.
  3. We’ll send you the contract after we confirm your payment, and the process is complete.

 <contact us>
E-mail: info@michinoeki-yunishigawa.jp  REP.:Masuda
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate contact to us.